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We can help you keep your home clean with effective carpet cleaning. Read the best answers to common questions right here.

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! The questions answered here cover a wide range of carpet cleaning topics. The issues presented are mostly covered by today’s users. So it would be easier for you to decide what to do in case of a problem – read on!

  • Which vacuum attachment is best for tile floor cleaning?

    The brush attachment will do the best job. This is because it will pick up dirt from both the tiles and the grout. It is true that it is smaller than its counterparts and that it is more time consuming to use, but the important thing is to ensure that the floor will be perfectly ready for cleaning with a liquid solution.

  • Why do some carpet stains cannot be easily removed?

    Carpet stains are removed easier when they're treated as soon as they're made. If you let them dry out, they won't be removed easily. They'll need extra scrubbing and some fibers cannot be scrubbed. In fact, with silk and wool rugs, you must be very careful and blot the stains gently. Some stains are also stubborn due to the ingredients of the food dropped.

  • Do you guarantee to have all spots and stains removed?

    Our experts highly recommend that stains are treated immediately after they happen. When they dry out, they will take a while to remove, with some that will stick to the carpet for good. So, regardless of the amount of cleaning done, some stains may not come off. This is why pre-treating is advised.

  • How often should I vacuum my carpet?

    It is suggested to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week. Vacuuming helps keep soil away from potentially damaging your carpet. If it is impossible for you to vacuum your entire home, then at least vacuum the areas that experience constant traffic.

  • What must I be aware of when buying rugs?

    If you want to make sure your Persian rugs are handmade, ask for their certification of their authenticity. The colors must be intense but it will be easier to check their back part. Authentic oriental rugs are handmade and this means that their edges are stitched in hand and fringes are not added later but they are continuance of the threads. You will also see some imperfections although some machines have perfected their imperfection system.

  • Is the number of knots in handmade rugs important?

    The number of knots would determine the density of the oriental rugs and definitely their quality. When knots are closer to each other, it means that the density is higher and the knots are multiple. Each country of origin has a different way of counting knots but the density is always important and indicative of the high value of rugs. Experts of Carpet Cleaning Encino would recommend wool rugs, which are usually the best.

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