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Odor Removal

Odor Removal | Encino Carpet Cleaning

A rug is an important part of the decoration and feel of your home. These characteristics become integrated into how you use and perceive your home, and for years it will seem as though the rug is invincible and constant. Spills may occur, but they can usually be cleaned up. Scratches and wear may happen, but they can be covered up or attributed to its charm. Odors, however, can stick around as an invisible, uncomfortable aura around your carpet, and cause you to dread using it.

Do not let anything restrict your use of your furniture. Odor removal is one of our specialties. You can enjoy using your carpets and rugs again soon without having to worry. Whether the smell is coming from an old stain or from a more serious infection, our method can adapt, and we can solve the problem for you.

We Work With Delicate Rugs

Our carpet cleaning service includes all types of rugs—also the delicate ones such as oriental, Persian and silk. We have the right tools and machinery to deal with these types of rugs in a way which preserves them and looks after the special requirements they have. At Carpet Cleaning Encino, we have years of experience dealing with these and all other types and materials of rugs. Your furniture is in good hands with us.

Our Methods Suit Any Odor Removal Task

Depending on the surface and the material of the problematic piece of furniture, we can adapt our methods and approach in order to ensure a complete removal service. We have access to modern technology for different types of cleaning, and we are experts at choosing the right one for odor removal from different kinds of furniture.

Identifying the Source Is Key

Whenever we are faced with a removal task, we work to identify exactly where the stench is coming from. Pets and smokers are common culprits, but others, such as fungi and bacteria, exist. Some sources may be harmful to your health and the health of your family. For this reason, we recommend that you take action quickly when you notice a bad smell emanating from your furniture.

When we have identified the source, we can tailor our method and the tools we use to remove it effectively. Our experts will work to clean the source as well as remove the odor, as this is the best way of ensuring that it is controlled. Your home is supposed to be pleasant and comfortable to live in, and lack of odors contributes to that. When we have treated your rug, you will be able to use it to its full potential again.

Services for Commercial and Residential Settings

Homes and offices alike benefit from carpets. While there are usually some differences in the types of rugs used in the different environments, the issues they can have remain largely the same. These include odors. We offer services for commercial as well as residential rug cleaning, and have extensive experience with both. Bad smells can come from poor cleaning, extensive use, and other sources, and they all create equally serious problems.

Get back to using your spaces without dread quickly—call us today for professional, reliable odor removal.


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