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Useful Tips before Buying Carpets

03/27/2014 Back To Blog

Useful Tips before Buying CarpetsThe purchase of carpets requires a considerable amount of money and affects the appearance and functionality of residences or offices. Regardless if you prefer wall to wall carpets or your heart is set on beautiful Persian rugs, your choices must be based on personal tastes and requirements and make your life easier on a daily basis. They must match the style of your property and facilitate carpet cleaning procedures.

The best carpet for homes

*    Each room in every house has different needs and that's why choices may differ. You can select oriental rugs for your office or living room but you should refrain from placing carpets in rooms with high humidity. It would be better to stick with tiles for the bathroom and the kitchen.

*    The need for carpet maintenance is of the utmost importance in all rooms but especially in the room, where the children are sleeping. It would be important for their health since collected dust and stains would easily create a contaminated atmosphere. For this reason, you should prefer carpets with medium height fibers to make cleaning easier and more effective.

*    Rug cleaning is important for the longevity of rugs but the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Encino draw your attention to the proper selection of detergents. You should avoid strong ones, especially if you have handmade rugs and make sure to gather all necessary information about the origins and best cleaning methods from the store.

*   Sometimes, rugs are stored for years in stores and, therefore, you should check them for problems and possible signs of moisture. Make sure the fringes are in good condition, too.
The best carpets for offices

*    Commercial carpet cleaning should take place daily and that's why you should prefer carpets in neutral colors and low height fibers.

*    Handmade rugs would be appropriate solely for your private office or rooms with limited foot traffic but you still must be very thorough and careful with their cleaning.

*    Tiles are excellent for bathrooms and kitchens. They are strong, beautiful and easy to clean. Though, it is important to remember that grout cleaning is essential for their good appearance and public health.

*    No matter how diligent you are with office carpet cleaning or how careful you are with your coffee; remember that you are not the only one in the office. High foot traffic will make them dirty fast and good cleaning is very important for the sake of customers and health of employees.

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