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As a property owner, you have many responsibilities and one of them is to keep floor treatments in good condition. Use this page to help you with the task. It contains a range of important practical tips in the field of carpet cleaning. Each one is unique, simple to understand and easy to apply. Make full use of them right away.

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Keeping carpets clean is important to your health. Here are tips on easy maintenance.
Do you know how to clean stains from acids? Learn how to deal with stains and also how to avoid them.

Minor dirt prevention tips

One good way of keeping your carpet clean is to keep the dirt from getting there in the first place. Carpet Cleaning Encino pros suggest that you minimize the amount of dirt and germs your carpet accumulates by placing few rugs all over the house. You can also enforce a “no shoes” policy for anyone entering the home. These minor changes can do a lot for your carpet.

How to clean acidic stains

Acidic stains like vinegar should be cleaned quickly before it can ruin your carpet. To clean such stains off of your carpet, dilute them with either a mixture of baking soda and water, or club soda. Afterwards, apply a solution consisting of 1 part ammonia and 10 parts water. Once done, rinse the spot with cold water, give it time to dry, then vacuum over it.

Use absorbent cloths for cleaning

While cleaning stains off your carpet, make sure that you use absorbent cloth for wiping. If not, you can actually be spreading the dirt or the stain instead of cleaning them off. Carpet cleaning requires specific items that would make the cleaning more effective than if you use other cleaning materials.

Avoid hanging small rugs to dry

Water will get collected in the lower ends and may cause damage. It is best to lay the rugs flat on the floor and to open all doors and windows while ensuring that the items are not exposed to direct sunlight. Once the top side is dry, flip the rugs over to speed up the drying of the other side.

Turn those cushions!

On any chair or sofa, you can extend the furniture’s life by turning over the loose cushions periodically. It's a simple and easy maintenance step that allows for even wear and tear of your cushions. You'll also find that it reduces cushion indentations as well. Fluff your cushions after cleaning will also help keep them in shape. For a complete and thorough cleaning of all your upholstered furniture, give our experts a call today.

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