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How to Choose Carpet Cleaning Products

08/05/2014 Back To Blog

If you plan to have professional carpet cleaning in your home then it’s a good idea to get information on several methods of cleaning available to you.  The general idea in the shampoo process is to create a lot of foam inside the carpet. Let the foam dry. This process allows the remaining excess to be a magnet in the soil and residue which then will be vacuumed up the next day.

Selecting the Right Shampoo Products

How to Choose Carpet Cleaning ProductsAlways check to ensure that the carpet-cleaning product has the characteristics necessary to help the rug cleaning professional do the job you want. Ask if the shampoo has high lubricity. This will diminish brush damage to fibers in the carpet. To reduce carpet wetting the shampoo must also have a high foam level and make sure the foam is stable. It’s important that the residential carpet cleaning product dries to a residue that is not sticky.

Any shampoo used to clean your carpet has to contain chemicals that will cause it to foam. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common ingredient. In fact, you will find this same ingredient in nearly every bottle of over-the-counter body wash. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate produces a stable and high foam count, which is a fair cleaning detergent. One problem with the chemical, though, is that it tends to dry to sticky and soft residue. This oftentimes causes resoiling.

A carpet shampoo will contain an anti-resoiling additive for this reason. Resin is included in the shampoo in order to reduce the resoiling issue. 

Carpet cleaning shampoos contain high levels of optical brighteners because these shampoos are poor detergents. The brighteners capture invisible ultraviolet light, and then alter it to the human eye so that it appears to change into visible light. This causes the newly cleaned carpet to seem brighter and clean then it actually is for a period. However, over time, repeating this process will make your carpet appear to have a yellow cast that can’t be removed.

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